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Pilates chair exercise
About Us

About The Studio

​​The first session, is an introductory private session, in which I will take the time to learn about your fitness condition, lifestyle and goals. This will allow me to build a training program for you and design each lesson so it will help you achieve your goals and perform at a whole new level.

During the lessons you will use Pilates equipment such as Reformer, Stability Chair and Cadillac in a combination with mat work and Pilates prop.

Offering private sessions and small group equipment classes with maximum 3 trainees, makes My Pilates Place the perfect place for experiencing the benefits of the Pilates equipment and personal training.

The Pilates Method

The Pilates method was developed by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Pilates developed hundreds of exercises to be performed on a mat and special spring based equipment that he invented, which provide assistance and resistance.
The principles that the method is based on, are to perform flow of  controlled and precise movements, while focusing on breathing, in order to strengthen the core. The purpose is to extend flexibility, improve mobility, and develop longer and stronger muscles.


“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy.” – Joseph Pilates


About Me

About me
Heli Kozak

My first encounter with Pilates was after having a career in the hi-tech industry, sitting at the office all day and suffering from back pain.

I discovered Pilates as a way to treat the pain, and fell in love with it. When I saw the benefits, I decided I have to get certified!

Since then I have worked with diverse clientèle, including prenatal, postnatal and clients that suffered from different physical conditions.

As an instructor the focus of my work is building individual training programs according to your physical condition and goals.

What Clients say

"My Pilates Place is one of the highlights of living in Stuttgart for me. Heli, the studio owner and instructor, is a joy to work with. She creates a personalized plan for you and guides you through each session, be it a private or group lesson. She is well versed in anatomy and the Pilates method. If you are curious about Pilates, there is no better spot to go in the city than My Pilates Place with its wonderful and knowledgeable instructor/owner Heli."

- Heather

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Contact Us

My Pilates Place

Hauptstraße 19, 70563 Stuttgart

The entrance is between number 19 and 21

Tel: 0178-261-1180

also on WhatsApp & Signal


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